Advice on funding programmes.

There are different funding programmes available depending on the type of project. We will analyse your options in order to guide you towards the programme that best suits your needs, and we will accompany you throughout the application process.

Certified as a FIWARE Ready solution

Being certified as a FIWARE Ready solution allows you to access an ever-growing international market.
FIWARE solutions gain exposure to the market through FIWARE Marketplace and through your brand’s presence at technology events. Thus, we help you best position yourself in an emerging market in order to maximise business opportunities.

FIWARE integration technical support.

We have a technical team specialised in integrating solutions on intelligent platforms according to FIWARE standards, and which is available to companies or entities wishing to undertake this kind of development.

At FIWARE Space, we will promote and publicise your projects in national and international forums, boost your product’s exposure in the Marketplace and open communication channels with other companies.
Mentoring programme.

A mentoring programme for ensuring that your products and solutions are compatible with FIWARE, taking advantage of the ability to access new markets, lines of business and European funding.

Training activities.
  • Hackathons
  • Talks about technology
  • Hosting challenges
  • Training courses
A physical location to carry out the project (mentoring).

We will have a physical space where you will be able to work during the FIWARE integration phase or while developing projects based on this technology.

A platform you can build on.

Ideal for solutions that need to transfer and cross-reference data on an intelligent platform. This allows you to carry out tests without needing to launch a platform of your own, instead taking advantage of ours which is ready to use.

Database access.

For projects that are looking to work with real data by using an intelligent platform that allows you to further develop your idea.

Market access.

We promote market access, enabling greater visibility by attending events, participating in presentations and showcasing your solutions in the Innovation Centre Showroom.