The FIWARE Space initiative is part of a global project called “Badajoz Es Más” (“Badajoz Is More”) run by the Badajoz Provincial Council, Spain. This project seeks to incorporate new information and communication technologies in local administrations in order to transform rural areas, improve the efficiency and efficacy of public services, and facilitate a more modern, more agile administration.

FIWARE Space is one of the fundamental cornerstones of this initiative and aims to promote talent and entrepreneurship in the province of Badajoz.


What exactly does it involve?

FIWARE Space is an open, innovative project that centres its activity on 6 distinct areas of action:


Rollout and implementation of sensors and actuators in municipalities throughout the province of Badajoz. These devices form a network that allows a range of context information to be gathered in order to convert cities into urban laboratories. Using this system, we learn about and test new IoT devices and smart applications.


An innovation centre in Badajoz which acts as the core of this initiative to boost entrepreneurship and adopt new technologies in the province’s business sector. This centre is already a FIWARE i-Hub international point of reference from which we offer training and certification for products and services based on FIWARE technology.


An intelligent management platform for horizontal public services, capable of integrating solutions from multiple areas and which serves as an infrastructure for innovation in IoT technologies. This central platform has a dual purpose: to demonstrate how sensor networks are managed in the province and to offer a series of open data for testing and developing third-party services.


Agreements with the University of Extremadura to drive research, development and innovation in new technology projects through different training activities, specific challenges, hackathons and any kind of method necessary to boost technological evolution.


Challenges funded by financial allocations for developing technology solutions based on FIWARE that respond to real needs in the province. Every year, we will organise a Challenge in which a problem has to be solved using new technologies. An impartial board of judges will evaluate the solutions and choose the winner, who will then be given the opportunity to develop the project under the guidance of the FIWARE Space team.


Access to an international market. We strive to ensure that the FIWARE-based solutions developed by companies in the province become known worldwide. To that end, we offer advice on how to integrate solutions in the FIWARE Marketplace, promote the products on our stands at business events and fairs, and we also help with networking.