Realidad Aumentada y Virtual

Hemos desarrollado una App, tanto Android como ios, implantada en el Museo de Bellas Artes de Badajoz, que permite consultar toda la información de una obra de manera intuitiva y rápida.

Permite obtener estadísticas acerca del uso de instalaciones, ocupación por salas, horarios de mayor afluencia, etc.

Para ello se combina la Realidad Aumentada y Virtual con información divulgativa acerca del activo patrimonial y los puntos de interés del entorno (localización, recomendaciones, etc.). Por otro lado, se incluye una representación en 3D del monumento a representar (por ejemplo, una recreación en 3D del activo en su estado original).


Se pretende integrar en FIWARE una solución similar al lote 24 del proyecto “Badajoz Es Más” de la Diputación de Badajoz. Esto es un sistema de gestión de Realidad Aumentada y Virtual del patrimonio inteligente. Para ello se combina la Realidad Aumentada y Virtual con información divulgativa acerca del activo patrimonial y los puntos de interés del entorno (localización, recomendaciones, etc.). Por otro lado, se incluye una representación en 3D del monumento a representar (por ejemplo, una recreación en 3D del activo en su estado original).


Viral Studios es una entidad de base tecnológica cuya actividad se inició en el año 2016. La compañía está especializada en el desarrollo de productos y soluciones a medida basadas en tecnologías inmersivas e interactivas. En ella se desarrollan proyectos llave en mano en sectores tan diversos como Educación, Marketing, Salud, Ocio, Turismo, Urbanismo y Deporte, entre otros.

La compañía está compuesta por 6 integrantes, todos ellos altamente cualificados y con una dilatada experiencia en proyectos tan diferentes como el desarrollo de entornos inmersivos (software y hardware), la impresión 3D, la creación de videojuegos comerciales, la promoción interactiva (eventos y espacios recreativos), el control gestual (escaparates promocionales), el software de escaneo 3D (proyecto EyesMap), la innovación en marketing (3DXpansion), Apps & Healths (desarrollo de apps Android & iOS), Levantamiento 3D (escanner de alta precisión) y muchos otros.

¿Tienes algún proyecto en mente y deseas colaborar con nosotros?

¡Escríbenos y cuéntanos tu idea!



FIWARE Space is the innovation center of the Provincial Council of Badajoz to bring the new technologies of IoT and Big Data to citizens, SMEs and start-ups. It is constituted as an official Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) in Badajoz province to promote the digitization and transformation of companies through technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and artificial intelligence with FIWARE as data connector from different sources.

This center is part of a global project called “Badajoz Es Más“, which aims to develop municipalities with a better quality of life through sustainable development. The objective is clear: to turn the province of Badajoz into an Intelligent Territory or a “Smart Province”. In order to achieve this goal, it is a must to involve the local companies, the public administration and the citizens.

FIWARE Space coordinates the activity related to the knowledge, use and possibilities offered by the Provincial Platform for Smart Management of Public Services, which allows the integration of information from different smart services in one place, to facilitate the analysis and management of services that are the responsibility of the Provincial Council of Badajoz. This platform uses the latest technologies promoted by the European Commission about how to integrate near real-time data and how to manage context information.

FIWARE Space is a non-profit innovation center that aims to make the technological knowledge and tools of the “Badajoz Es Más” project available to different entities, among which are:


– Public administrations
– Municipalities
– Small and medium enterprises
– The teaching and research staff of the university and other educational institutions
– The entrepreneurs
– The citizens

One of the main goals of this center is to support our small and medium enterprises through the digital transformation of the province. For this, the center offers to these entities de following services.



A 2-month mentoring program to go deeper in the technology knowledge and the opportunities that are behind the intelligent province development, to know first-hand the technological work that is being carried out and how to take advantages of this digital transformation. In these 2 months, the company will adapt its solution or service to a FIWARE smart solution, thus being compatible with the platform used by the Badajoz Provincial council that connects all the data sources of the province, and with any other smart city platform that uses this technology.

Specialized consulting and technical support for the integration of solutions in FIWARE. We help the creation and adaptation of data models, architecture knowledge and the possibilities of integrating into this European standard.

Certification of solutions in the FIWARE Marketplace website of the FIWARE Foundation. We advise on how to apply with the solution developed to obtain the different certifications.

Advice on acceleration programs. After the completion of the mentoring program, we try to find a suitable European acceleration program to take the project to the next level.

Physical location for the development of integration in FIWARE. We have a physical space in which you can work to integrate the solution into FIWARE, with the tools and support of the technical office.

Theoretical and practical training workshops. Every Friday of the year we conduct workshops to learn more about how a smart city works and what’s the technology behind.

Visits to the innovation center. Interested people or entities can visit the center once a week to see first hand the digital transformation that is taking place in the province and meet the real solutions that are being installed.




FIWARE Space also carries out some unique activities throughout the year:

Hackathons. Workday in which, by teams, a real technological problem is solved by multidisciplinary teams.

IoT challenge. Companies are presented to solve a real problem of the province through technology. Once the applications have been submitted, an evaluating court chooses the winner, who will receive an economic endowment to carry out his idea and put it into operation in the province.

Design Thinking Workshop. Workshop that aims to foster creativity through innovative new methodologies that will allow us to go deep in a specific challenge.



In addition to all this, FIWARE Space, in the hands of the Badajoz Provincial Council, participates in different local, national and international events in which it provides visibility to the local companies with the aim to contribute to the expansion of this companies in other regions.

Finally, it should be noted that FIWARE Space is considered as a 2-star FIWARE iHub, catalogued by the FIWARE Foundation, thanks to the work and the number of activities carried out to bring new technologies to citizens.